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Mold Removal in Jersey City, NJ

ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides mold removal in Morristown, Paramus, Wayne, NJ and surrounding communities

The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it from happening. If the drying of wet building materials is commenced within 24 hours (assuming clean water), the chances of preventing mold growth are excellent. If building materials remain wet, it is inevitable that mold will start to grow. Therefore, addressing and eliminating moisture problems is the critical first step. However, once mold is present, drying is not enough. Moldy materials must be either removed or decontaminated. This process is called mold removal or mold remediation, which means “to remedy” or “to cure.” Proper mold remediation procedures will be determined by the size, scope and nature of the mold contamination. ServiceMaster Metropolitan provides Jersey City, NJ mold removal and mold remediation services for your time of need. Call the experts today!